It is not enough to deal with what may be limiting your financial flow with tips, tools, new habits in the “natural” realm. It is not even enough to take your financial situation to prayer and fasting. This will only give you temporary relief because the root of the issue has not been dealt with.

Financial strain is an issue in the spiritual realm. This is a topic that I have had to come to know intimately over the last nine years of serving the Lord in “full-time” ministry that is assigned to the Body of Christ. That means that I have had to learn God’s Kingdom laws of provision and trust Him completely with my finances.

In the process of seeking God on this topic, He revealed to me the core spiritual issue that is behind financial lack. You can move to a place of transforming your financial life once you understand and apply this teaching.

There is a spiritual origin for every thing that manifests in the natural realm, including financial lack. Once you know how to wield the spiritual tools the Lord has left for you, you can first dissolve any issue. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds (2 Corinthians 10:4).

A stronghold is an unclean spirit that enters into your temple or body to serve as a hindrance from you manifesting the instruction of the Lord. There are fourteen stronghold spirits that manifest in many, many different ways or fruits.

Lack is a fruit of the stronghold spirit named Bondage. Anytime you are experiencing lack, especially in your finances, it is evidence of the presence of the stronghold spirit of bondage. This spirit must be broken from your life in order to have a breakthrough in your finances and leave lack behind in a way that goes beyond relief to truly being delivered from bondage.

The great news is that because you belong to Jesus, all things in this world and spiritual realm are subject to His name and must flee when you move into your faith and authority. Here are the steps to be free from the spirit of bondage so your finances stop getting the squeeze and causing you any stress, doubt or worry.

Follow these steps to breaking through the spiritual side of financial lack.

  1. Fully realize that you are carrying the spirit of bondage.
  2. Spend some time getting back in touch with the fact that you sit at the right hand of Christ and God in spiritually high places. Study Ephesians Chapters 1 and 2 so the scripture can permeate your mind, heart and spirit.
  3. Stand in the full power, authority and dominion you have through Christ Jesus and speak directly to the bondage and command it to to leave your body. (Make sure you speak directly and to not include any I’s or We’s such as “Bondage, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus” or “Spirit of Bondage, we command you to leave right now.”) For example, “Spirit of Bondage, in the name of Jesus, you are commanded to get out of this temple of  The Most High God right now!”
  4. Continue speaking to it until you fully release it. You will literally feel the spirit leave your body through your mouth or nose. If you do not have a response, the spirit is not gone yet.
  5. Keep stretching your faith and the instant you move into your authority, you will feel it.

That is the spiritual process to sending bondage packing forever. I am so excited about getting you free and having your finances reflect your freedom that I have created a new resource for you. For more information Click Here.

Although dealing with the spiritual side of things is all throughout the Word of God, few of us have actually been taught how to take authority over unclean spirits. Feel free to leave me any comments, testimonies  or questions. Be blessed! I’ll talk to you soon!