Whew! I am sitting here looking at all of the topics I will be covering beginning tonight in the Cracking the Code: Secrets to Accessing Your Wealth Telecourse. It is going to be absolutely life-altering for everyone, including myself. I am always so blessed every time I release the NEW revelation the Lord brings to me.

By the way…I have been out of the secular economy for so long that I literally forget that there are these things called “paydays” (I always was adverse to the concept of only having certain days of the month that I receive compensation) and you all have reminded me that payday does not come until the 28th. We will leave registration open through the second class and you can still register and receive all of the teachings, handouts, recordings, etc. and be caught up by class 2.

You can register for the complete 4-part telecourse and BONUS question and answer session) at https://erickajackson.com/crackingthecode.

The World of Ministry is About to Explode with a Whole New Crop of Financially Free Kingdom Ministers and Kingdom Builders. Are You In Position?

Your space if waiting for you. I challenge you to BELIEVE God for the registration fee because this is NEW revelation that will be an answer to your prayers and open the secrets of the gospel to you so you can move into having the resources you need to do all the Lord has called you to do.

It is time to stop imagining what your life, ministry or business would be like if you only had the currency, favor, dollars, time and help you really need. This course will take you beyond imagining to actually MANIFESTING all of the provision you need to FULFILL the call on your life. How many lives could you touch if you had all that you need? Remember that EVERYTHING you need already exists in the heavenly realm and I’ll teach you how to “pull it down” so you have full access to it right now.

I want to share another MINI-LESSON with you before the course actually begins, and whether or not you’ve decided to join us or not. Here is your final mini-lesson. Enjoy!

Lesson 4: Sealing the Deal in the Natural: Habits that Transform Your Finances

When my daughter and I were home in Washington State for an extended stay with my family over the Holidays, we visited some friends we have known for years. They said something so matter-of-fact that it stayed with me because it mirrored my belief and reality. As we were getting caught up on the activities and happenings since we last saw each other, they said,  “…And we are not participating in the recession.” What caught my attention was that these friends are not Christians yet they had an understanding of the biblical principles and were using them to remain outside of the recession.

We as believers are not to be negatively affected by the recession that the world is experiencing. We have been assigned to an entirely different economic system that exists along-side of what nonbelievers are experiencing. The challenge is that many of us have been unaware of how to enter in to HEAVEN’S ECONOMY.

As incredibly POWERFUL and life-changing that understanding how to access supernatural provision is, the teachings will not reap their full benefit if you don’t incorporate the daily and weekly habits it takes to maintain your wealth and continue to grow the riches of your ministry. In this fourth class, I will be sharing strategic moves you can make now to avoid the impact of what is going on in the world’s economy.

One of the daily activities the Lord taught me on how to access His supernatural provision is to make a list of daily and weekly provision I require to carry out the ministry He has shown me. Everytime I pray for provision, He always reminds me to write it down and add up the cost of what I really require. My challenge is not to shrink as the Word promises to supply ALL my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19). That means that I must bring EVERYTHING the ministry requires to Him. No watering it down.

I have to bring the request with the same magnitude of the vision He has shown me. I must be unmoveable in the Word and stretch my mind, spirit and heart to truly BELIEVER and EXPECT God to provide EVERYTHING I need on a daily basis to catapult the portion of His ministry to which I have been assigned.

I simply keep my catch-all notebook and calculator next to me during my prayer and meditation time and as provisions come to mind, I write them down on a weekly list. What bills need to be paid? What vendors need to be paid? What debts need to be paid? What services does the ministry need this week? What products and resources need to be created? I write them all down and add up the total cost.

And that total always seems to be more than I thought it would be when I kept the list in my head. Then, I have to stretch my mind to believe God for it and not be attached to how He BRINGS it. I focus on the end result coming to pass and leave the rest up to the Lord. This is a habit that will take your weekly provision to a new level.

If you are ready to ACCESS THE RESOURCES that have been set aside for you, get registered for my upcoming Cracking The Code: Secrets to Accessing Your Wealth 4-part telecourse that begins on Thursday.There is so much to LEARN that it will take me every second of this upcoming 4-part telecourse to teach. This course is one you don’t want to miss.

Here’s what you will learn in the fourth session (remember, there are a total of four classes plus a bonus question and answer session):

*  How to take responsibility for whatever state your finances are in and TRANSFORM them into good fruit.

*  The SCRIPTURAL CODE that unlocks your daily provision.

*  How to CREATE a constant flow of income for your ministry and profoundly impact the lives of those the Lord has sent to you at the same time.

*  How to tithe properly and according to the scripture (this one will leave you breathless!).

*  How to RECOGNIZE your gifts and parlay them into ongoing income and revenue for your livelihood and ministry.

*  How to spend 95% or more of your time moving in your gifts.

*  Isolating and executing your RGA’s on a regular basis.

*  How to FIND the people who can afford what you have to offer.

*  How to keep your worship center funded according to biblical teachings and truth.

*  Creating space for the Lord to continually BLESS you with new forms of currency.

*  How to deal with your debt as you are BUILDING your Kingdom Empire.

*  How to immediately increase your ministry’s revenue.

*  A key to drawing your WEALTH and riches with ease and consistency.

*  How to UNLOCK the infinite power of faith to continually access your heavenly treasure.

*  More than 15 EASY daily and weekly habits to maximize the blessings the Lord will bestow upon you.

*  How to STRUCTURE your time to get these financial habits down-pat.

And this is only what is going to be taught in the third session. Whew! Review all of the details on my complete Cracking The Code (plus the special BONUS Q&A call), and register now at https://erickajackson.com/crackingthecode. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

To His Glory,


P.S. If you missed the content-loaded preview call I did last week, here’s where you can get the AUDIO recording. We’re receiving rave reviews, so it’s worth a listen: https://erickajackson.com/audio/Crackingthecode.mp3.