I’m excited that those of you who were on the Cracking the Code: Accessing Your Wealth call last Thursday are now registering for my complete 4-part telecourse at We have extended the discounted rate until tonight at midnight, so don’t delay. Your space if waiting for you.

I challenge you to BELIEVE God for the registration fee because this is NEW revelation that will be an answer to your prayers and open the secrets of the gospel to you so you can move into having the resources you need to do all the Lord has caled you to do.

It is time to stop imagining what your life, ministry or business would be like if you only had the currency, favor, dollars, time and help you really need. This course will take you beyond imagining to actually MANIFESTING all of the provision you need to FULFILL the call on your life. How many lives could you touch if you had all that you need? Remember that EVERYTHING you need already exists in the heavenly realm and I’ll teach you how to “pull it down” so you have full access to it right now.

I want to share another MINI-LESSON with you before the course actually begins, and whether or not you’ve decided to join us or not. Here is your next mini-lesson. Enjoy!

Lesson 3: You Must Fully Realize and Move In Your Value

There comes a point in your walk with the Lord that you no longer are capable of undervaluing yourself, your time, wisdom, talents, love and gifts. Until this point, it is an emotional and intellectual process that you have to talk yourself through daily. Then there comes a point where that old stuff just dies – it is no longer. Just as Jesus commanded the fig tree that was not producing fruit to wither in Matthew 21: 19, that part of you that has not fully understood your value (and has not been producing good fruit) must cease to exist.

Until you move into a place of understanding both your heavenly and earthly value, you can never fully break out of the cycle of lack and limitation. This is part of entering in and operating from His Kingdom. This is imperative for your ministry and business, but especially to become the EXAMPLE of what serving the Lord and prospering looks like for those the Lord has called you to lead. Not in a fake, superficial, material way, but in the deep, freeing and biblical way God designed it.

There are several levels of UNDERSTANDING you must have in order to fully realize and move in your value. First, you must truly understand the POWER of Jesus long before He came to earth as a man; who He really was while on earth as a man; and, who He is since His resurrection when He sat you next to Him at the right hand of God.

Secondly, you must understand your particular and specific VALUE to Heaven and the Kingdom of God. There is a specific SOLUTION to a problem upon the earth that was planted within you before you were placed in your mother’s womb that you must bring to those to whom the Lord has called you. This is your Kingdom Assignment. It goes far beyond vision, purpose and calling to literally RECEIVING your specific marching orders from the Throne of God.

Thirdly, you must fully internalize and MOVE in the value of your experience, gifts, talents and skills. You have paid a great price for what the Lord has placed within you and it is your biblical right to create your LIVELIHOOD from what the Lord has placed within you.

There is so much to LEARN that it will take me every second of this upcoming 4-part telecourse to teach. This course is one you don’t want to miss.

If you are ready to ACCESS THE RESOURCES that have been set aside for you, get registered for my upcoming Cracking The Code: Secrets to Accessing Your Wealth 4-part telecourse that begins on Thursday. Here’s what you will learn in the thirs session (remember, there are a total of four classes plus a bonus question and answer session):

In this class you’ll learn:

*  My personal STRATEGIES for moving into a the place of understanding my VALUE and overcoming the reality of most single parents and ministries called to the Body of Christ and the nations.

*  A LIFE-CHANGING Word the Lord shared with me that will give you the push you need to begin honoring your value.

*  How to ACTIVELY access your inheritance so you can enjoy it right here and now.

*  The true seed you must plant daily in order to have a CONSTANT FLOW of provision and currency in your hands (and it’s not financial or about tithing, praying, fasting, praising or worshipping).

*  How to move into your FULL power, authority and dominion over your finances.

*  Identifying the one most important thing that OPENS THE WINDOWS of heaven to you (and it’s not just tithing).

*  How to pull down your DAILY PROVISION from Heaven.

*  The SECRET prayers that are actually codes in the Word that manifest supernatural provision and riches on a consistent basis.

*  How to communicate the true cost of your ministry to others so they RESPOND to your value at all times.

*  How to move BEYOND your needs to focusing on carrying out your ministry.

*  How to activate your power of being set apart and what this means for your ministry and business.

And this is only what is going to be taught in the third session. Whew! Review all of the details on my complete Cracking The Code (plus the special BONUS Q&A call), and register now at I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

To His Glory,


P.S. If you missed the content-loaded preview call I did last week, here’s where you can get the AUDIO recording. We’re receiving rave reviews, so it’s worth a listen: