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Whether you are called to create a children’s ministry, women’s ministry, men’s ministry, ministry that serves the community, marriage ministry, an itinerant (traveling) ministry, or any ministry that is to operate outside of the traditional church structure, you are a “Kingdom Minister.”

We offer advanced leadership training for Kingdom Ministers to help you access higher levels of revelation and secrets and mysteries that lie in the rooms in Heaven (see John 14:2) so you can access the Heavenly blueprint He created for your ministry so you can more powerfully and effectively minister to those to whom you are called in ever-increasing numbers.

In addition, my trained ministry team and I would love to help you move forward by creating multiple streams of income within your ministry so you are freed up to serve the Lord with all of the resources you and your ministry needs to thrive. I also can guide you in:

  • Properly branding your ministry.
  • Creating teaching tools, resources and curriculum.
  • Creating a connection plan that yields increase in your membership and following.
  • Creating tools and resources for your “flock.”
  • Identifying and correcting anything that has stood in the way of your ministry growing and truly equipping the people.
  • Clearing the way of all darkness so their is nothing standing in the way of rapid ministry growth.
  • Training your leadership team in heart purification and spiritual cleansing that will take your entire congregation to new heights.
  • Elevating leadership teams so your church or ministry can easily grow.
  • And so much more…

Whether you are just launching your ministry, have been building it on a part-time basis, or you have been working your ministry “full-time” but are ready to expand it and create multiple streams of income inside of your ministry, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work because this is about the people of God and you are willing to move anything else out of the way from growing your ministry impact, here are some resources and programs for you:

For Ministry Leaders

Beyond Fearless:  How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life Paperback Book

100% Healed! Audio Teaching Training and Handout

Clearing the Way: The 7 Step Process That Every Christian Needs to Know to Remove Emotional and Spiritual Hindrances

For Ministry Growth & Development

Ministry Mastery 101: Building a Thriving Ministry – The Inward Journey Training Home Study Course

Ministry Mastery 201: Building a Thriving Ministry – The Upward Journey Home Study Course

Ministry Mastery 301: Building a Thriving Ministry – The Outward Journey Home Study Course

How to Package & Create Powerful Ministry Products That Sell Video Training

How to Grow Your Ministry eList to Thousands Video Training

Speaking Engagements