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“You are called to impact the Body of Christ and are
ready for advanced spiritual teachings and a proven
system to create a great livelihood through your ministry.”

To: Ministers called outside of the walls of traditional church

From: Kingdom Trainer and Evangelist, Ericka D. Jackson

You are a Kingdom Minister if you are called to minister to the Body of Christ as an itinerant (traveling) minister outside of the walls of a church or a particular denomination.

After almost thirteen years in full-time ministry, the Lord has shown me how to execute a proven process that takes the guesswork out of the specific steps creating a thriving full-time ministry in a fraction of the time.

If you want to learn how to build your ministry and walk in your Kingdom calling on a full time basis with full financial provision and walk in the works of Jesus, then this course is for you.

Whether you are just getting started or if you have been at a for a while, this program is for you.

Ministry Mastery is the first comprehensive Kingdom Ministry development program of its kind.

You can enroll anytime.

While there are many programs for ministers called inside of a church or denomination, for those the Lord has called outside of the walls of the church, there are no comprehensive training programs that truly understands the specific challenges of founding or growing a ministry outside of the church…until now.

As a single mother, I prayed for a system that allowed me to minister without the traditional itinerant minister’s schedule that keeps so many ministers on the road and away from their families a majority of the year. This was not an option for me.

The Lord answered my prayers and poured out a system to me that has enabled me to serve God in full-time ministry for more than eleven years. God has unfolded a step-by-step process that yields the life you have been praying for – a life that enables you to serve in the Body of Christ full-time. I have created a proven, efficient system that will provide the blueprint you need to oversee a thriving ministry .


This is a three-part program that takes the best of my ministry-building practices and walks you through the specific process to create multiple sources of income within your ministry by utilizing God’s principles of business within a ministry model.

But the real gift of Ministry Mastery™  is learning how to access the breakthrough revelation that will set you free and launch you into the things of the Lord in a profound way. I openly share my gift of hearing the truth of the Lord directly from the throne of God and ushering you into this space of new revelation as a critical aspect of this course. It goes beyond general scriptural teachings into scriptural illumination and revelation directly from the Lord.

This will probably be the last Ministry Mastery™ program in which I teach the full course (the Lord told me that He will be putting me on the road to send me to the nations in 2013) so you will not want to miss this opportunity. I will be training up teachers for future courses so the teaching continues as I am on the road.

I hope the Lord touches your heart to be a part of this powerful process that will expand the territory and accelerate the growth of your ministry in BIG ways.I look forward to partnering with you on this incredible journey.

In His Service,

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This program is for you if you are:

  • Currently a part of your local church ministerial staff and are ready to minister outside the walls of your church.
  • Ready to make the transition from your secular job to working full-time in your ministry while creating a great livelihood that frees you up to do the work of the Lord.
  • Part of a local church fellowship and know that the Lord has called you to expand beyond internal church ministry to the Body of Christ.
  • Already an itinerant minister and are ready to take it to the next level to reach more people and create a consistent income that allows you to live from your ministry.
  • Serving as a Pastor and ready to reach people outside of your congregation to grow your ministry and impact more people with your ministry message.
  • If you are ready for advanced spiritual revelation and “meat” that opens up the revelation from the throne of God  the Lord needs you to share with more people.
  • You already hear the voice of the Lord through His internal voice or impartation.

If you are silently struggling with feeling limited, there is a reason why. It is because there are no training programs inside the church that truly equip and train ministers to build impactful ministries outside the church or denominations.

Until now, there has been no comprehensive program that develops you as a minister both spiritually and with the business aspects of running your ministry so you don’t have to raise funds to work in your ministry, but have ongoing income coming in that allows you to freely minister to those whom the Lord has called you.

Revival will come from the Kingdom Ministers the Lord will sent out into the Body of Christ to ignite the flame of revival throughout the world. God is calling His Kingdom ministries to come forth. 

You will come out of this class with crystal clarity about what makes your ministry stand out from all the others with similar callings and flocks. You will also know what your flock needs from you and how to best get what they need into their hands. Knowing your flock and how to connect with them is the difference between ministry burn-out and experiencing the joys of ministry as the Lord has preordained it to be.

There is an heavenly economic system that all ministers must understand and operate within in order to leave the world’s broken economic system behind forever. This class teaches the revelation of the New Testament economic system that will keep your ministry revenue flowing.

This is a critical part of building a ministry outside the walls of the church because your ministry is not a part of the traditional church payroll or tithes and offering system.

God expects much of you as a leader. But it is difficult to be the leader the Lord calls you to be while you are still carrying personal issues, habits or thoughts that are sabotaging your ability to move forward in releasing your ministry message.

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Ministry Mastery™ shows you how to:

  • Clearly reconnect with those whom you are to serve (your flock) and how you are to carry out God’s vision for your life.
  • Fully flow in your gifts from God to minister to the needs of others.
  • Move in the biblical principles that empowers you to call forth the people, resources, and provision you need to     greatly impact the Body of Christ.
  • Create the tools and resources that your flock needs to be successful in the Kingdom.
  • Create multiple streams of income in your ministry so you can work in your ministry full-time and stress-free.
  • Develop the discipline and structure to grow a thriving ministry.
  • Access the new revelation the Lord is pouring out to His people.
  • Be a pure vessel for the supernatural works of Jesus to flow through you.

It is time to walk in the FULLNESS your destiny with no limits.

You will gain a mentor who will show you step by step what works and how to builds your ministry with ease.

The course training topics include:

green-check  How to Structure Your Ministry and Message

green-check  Being the Leader God Expects of You: Your Heart is the Key

green-check  Moving in Miracles, Signs and Wonders

green-check  How to Identify the Needs of Your Flock

green-check  Moving Beyond Money into Currency

green-check  Wisdom Manifest: Creating Steady Ministry Income

You can enroll anytime.


This course is intense and expects a lot of you as the Lord uses this class to transform you at a spiritual level. You will learn the Truth of the Word of God and it may challenge traditional theology. The teachings are 100% scriptural and will align you with the power, dominion and authority of the Lord.


This 100% scripturally-based program includes: 

  • A comprehensive national training program via recorded tele-courses and webinars.
  • A full course curriculum notebook with lesson plans, weekly tasks and checklists to complete to expand your ministry on a weekly basis.
  • Access to a proven network of Spirit-led professionals to create and package your products when you are ready.
  • A certificate of completion and Ministry Mastery™ icon you can use on your website and other places to represent your level of ministry proficiency.
  • An online learning center you can access 24/7 with all of the coursework, class recordings, webinars and resources you need to download or review for self-study.
  • Free lifetime admission to retake any portion of the course upon full course completion.
  • A private 24/7 social network of Ministry Mastery™ participants.
  • Recordings of every call and webinar.

Plus, you gain access to become:

  • A potential future instructor with the Kingdom Ministers’ Training Institute training and equipping programs and events.
  • Part of a ministry team that will travel to the nations and have supplemented ministry income in the months to come.

And even more teachings and revelation as the Holy Spirit releases it.

You can enroll anytime. Courses must be taken in order.

Ministry Mastery™  is in its fourth cycle and it’s better than ever! Our graduates are producing amazing good fruits. They hear from the Lord clearly and concisely, operate in righteousness with clean hearts, are vessels for the deliverance and healing, and the Lord confirms their work with signs, wonders and miracles .

They have written books, created programs, actively preach, lead bible studies, live events, online portions of their ministries, training materials, blogs, ebooks, ezines/newsletters, radio shows, new ministry websites, churches and much more.Ministry Mastery™ Graduates are making tremendous impact in the Body of Christ.

The graduates can say it best…

Lou Ann Kent pic“This work has truly been instrumental in helping me walk fearlessly into my God given assignment. It definitely helped me to understand and break the strongholds that were stopping me and holding me back. Your Ministry Mastery class helped bring clarity, focus, direction and a fearless attitude in bringing forth the message God has given me.”– Life Design Coach, Lou Ann Kent.
Patty Rucker headshotGod’s timing is amazing…for you confirmed alot of what I am bringing forth and also gave me deeper revelation on some things as well.God is breaking some of the religion off of my thinking. I grew up Catholic and am still getting set free from some of those teachings that have been so ingrained in my mind from so many years ago. I was in agreement with all you said but I never heard it said the way you did. God is awesome! And I thank Him for the process to freedom.  Thank you for your obedience to proclaim the unadulterated Word of the Lord as you do. I am grateful.Prophet Patty Rucker, founder/president of Patty Rucker Ministries, Inc. website coming soon…
Ethel Drayton Craig Pic“I was hesitant about enrolling in the Ministry Mastery program because I already had my consulting and coaching business launched. Indeed I have benefited from it. Ericka’s insight, exercises, and lessons have been a gift to me and I thank God that He sent her and this program into my life.”– Dr. Ethel Drayton-Craig,
“Ministry Mastery took my relationship with the Lord to a whole new level. I developed a clear understandingCindy Garrett pic and vision of what I am to do in the ministries and businesses the Lord has placed within me.  I learned the level of healing my soul had to go through – the process to get me to this point. Above all, I have and am continuing to see myself through the Lord’s eyes.”– Minister Cindy Garrett,

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